Diamond Heart Dharma

Ancient wisdom, modern happiness

New to our group or to Buddhist ideas?

The ONLY purpose of this group is to help make others happy in a lasting way.

How do we want to do that?  Primarily by connecting people to an authentic and yet very accessible set of teachings of ancient wisdom.

Maybe you were drawn at one time or another to our site or our meetings, or to the meetings of another group, and had your interest piqued, but you didn't know what to do next.  

This page is for you.

Below are a list of resources to connect with.  Most are visible in different parts of this site, but here they are collected in one nice easy to pick from basket.

Jump in anywhere and enjoy.  Also, make sure to check the calendar for dates and times of our meetings and events, and contact us if you have any questions.


Lama Sumati Marut

This being is the reason we have our group.  There are quite a few qualified teachers out there, but there is something about Lama Marut that just seems to connect with the modern audience.

It's not just his humor, not just his intelligence.  It's something about the way he understands where we are coming from and is able to relay wisdom to us in a skillful and beautiful way.

Check out a sample:

If you like this, here are some  links to some of Lama Marut's other teachings.


Lama Marut on YouTube

Lama Marut on iTunes:   Audio Podcasts       Video Podcasts


Recorded Teachings

If you are looking to go deeper you've come to the right place.  A fantastic collection of completely FREE classes has been put together which will take you through all of the great five subjects of Buddhism in a very pure but also fun and enjoyable way.

They are available here:

Dharma Essentials at ACI-LA.org

A Daily Practice


What should you DO to get happier?  How do you change your life?  Do you need to shave your head and move to Tibet?  No. Actually you only need to change small things to begin down the road to a happier life.  If you'd like to see a great set of teachings on this a simple way to spend your day more wisely and plant the seeds for a happier more effective life then...

Click here.



A full path to happiness

If you're ready to dive a little bit deeper, check out our "Lam Rim" page.  This is a fully laid out map to how to get perfectly happy.  It is a magical teaching that encompasses everything you need to know, passed down from compassionate divine beings to us.  It will be some work, but the work is joyful, and the payoff is supreme.  

Check it out here:  Lam Rim Page




More Books

There is no shortage of books on Buddhism.  But here are a few which we think do a great job of relaying the material authentically without putting you to sleep. These links will let you buy them through our site on Amazon where all proceeds will go to the MSK retreat fund.  But feel free to buy them anywhere.

Any one of these books would be an excellent place to start:


The Garden


The Diamond Cutter


The Art of Happiness


The Tibetan Book
of Meditation



When Things Fall Apart


The Principle
Teachings of Buddhism