Diamond Heart Dharma

Ancient wisdom, modern happiness

Touchstones, Milestones, Stepping Stones, & Headstones


I don't presume any sort of advanced knowledge or claim any vast achievements of understanding. But I've been searching a long time, and I can offer a sort of imperfect travelogue from my spiritual landscape.  

This way, if I've stubbed my toe on a boulder along the way, I can point it out to you... so you can make SURE to stub your toe on it as well, and learn what you can from it.  Likewise any eagles I've seen soaring by are fleeting anyway, and I couldn't point them out to you because they move too quickly.  But I can tell you how they looked to me at the time, and what general direction I was gazing in when I saw them.

Finally, ANYTHING worthwhile I've ever found, I owe completely to my teachers.  May they always be visible in the world and may we always see ourselves close to them.


Ordinary Magic

In my estimation we should strive to arrive at a place where we see the Ordinary as Magical.

In my estimation we should strive to arrive at a place where we see the Ordinary as Magical. 

But at the same time we must not forget that the Magical is actually Ordinary.

Unnatural Ingredients


See if this sounds familiar as a component of our daily diet of thoughts and interactions.

"I'm not interested in reason or repercussions.  I've had an initial reaction to something, and I'm just going to go with that.  Especially since I've already made my opinions known.  I can't go back now.  I'll just turn the argument back around to make the other person wrong.  Or if I cant do that I'll just stick to my guns and sink the whole thing and go down with the ship before I reconsider my original snap reaction."

Something like this is probably going on at some level for all of us every day.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  We avoid fats and carbs and BPA.  Let's eradicate this toxicity. It is FAR more deadly than all those other toxins combined.  

Go on a spiritual cleanse.


Nut Heads

For the "me" I think I am now, my enlightenment is in the future.  But if I can think of this as a FACT rather than just a hope or a wish, it changes everything.
Because for the future Buddha "me", no separate times exist.  All times are the same. 
So the future Buddha "me" is here with the suffering schmuck "me" now.
That's why and how I, the ignorant "me" I see myself as now, even has the capacity to learn.  
We are ignorant in the "now", but our future selves are already enlightened, NOW.

If we simply allow ourselves to empower someone or some thing with the name and position of teacher, we are sometimes able to break through the haze of our spiritual amnesia and myopia to catch faint distant glimpses of the entirety of divine being-ness.  Even fleeting experiences such as this can begin to alleviate the separation we feel from our idea of God.  

Like fallen angels, or perhaps more like fallen "nuts", we long to be back in union with our tree.  And we focus our thoughts and actions on that longing, or on escaping it.  All the time painfully and deeply ignorant of the "tree nature" within us, or of the lineage of "Tree-ness" it is our privilege to be stewards of, and to help others remember.

Thank you teacher for helping my "nutty" self glimpse the tree-ness in me, by seeing Tree-ness in you, and through you.