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The next best thing to being there

From time to time we record our classes in order to make them available for later.  Please feel free to explore these recordings.  The point of sharing knowledge like this is simply to help others find their way to being happier and living more meaningful lives.

We hope these are helpful on your journey.

Lojong: Developing the Good Heart (with The 4 Immeasurables)

This is a fantastic and somewhat radical teaching meant to root out both major and subtle forms of self-cherishing which could be causing you unnecessary suffering.  The fact that you are even interested in looking at websites like this means you are already interested in being a good person.  But even the best can always find places to improve, and even the worst can always turn things around when they hear the right thing at the right time.

Download the recordings and readings here  

DGS Recorded April-May 2014

A discussion on "Teachers"

This is a discussion and meditation on the idea of the "Teacher" in Buddhism, or in any spiritual path actually.

Download the recording here

DGS Recorded July 16 2014