Diamond Heart Dharma

Ancient wisdom, modern happiness


  • We are nothing without our teachers. Here are some sites to visit to hear authentic teachings.

  • The lineage we are representing starts with the amazing Asian Classics Institute. There are ACI groups all over the nation, and new ones all the time. Here are a few.

  • The highest path. If you are fortunate enough to feel like helping, do yourself a favor, and follow that inclination. We receive NO benefit from any of these organizations, except feeling good to have helped them out a bit.

  • Thankfully there are MANY people out there working hard to share the Dharma and help others. Here are a few sites we like.

  • Social


    In the old days exposure to the Dharma was limited to a chosen few. Exposure to the Dalai Lama was a once in a lifetime event. Now you can get both in a mobile tweet. Try setting up to stay connected with these modern Dharma fountains.

  • In the modern west we have largely separated the practices meant for perfecting the body and the mind. In the ancient world and in some parts of the world today, they are united. Here are some great resources to help you get back into inner and outer balance.

  • Here are some fun and intriguing places to wonder at the amazing things we are capable of thinking, saying, and doing.